The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy is a not-for-profit science organization. The conservancy was founded in the spring of 2009 as an effort to help protect karst features and resources by surveying and collecting data from karst features to use as standards to show what may be normal for a particular area. The AKC relies on donations to carry out research and conservation projects on the Arbuckle karsts. Donations are tax-deductible, see the CONTACT page for more information. As of February 2013 the Arbuckle Karst Conservancy has amended the addition of a research institute to work cooperatively with a university to carry out funded research projects. 

The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy currently has a data-base containing the locations of several hundred caves that lie atop the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer. Knowing the location of the caves, how they are distributed, where they occur, as well as depth and other details, allows the AKC access into the subsurface to monitor changes in the subterranean environment as well as physical changes in the geologic units.

The mission of The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy is to preserve the unique geological, hydrological, biological, cultural, and recreational resources associated with karst by protecting the karst lands of the area on and surrounding the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer.


Our mission is to protect karst and we focus only on projects and programs that advance our mission. We operate strictly from our mission so that we can concentrate our limited resources on it. All decisions and programs must be evaluated against it. Other organizations exist that are better suited to operate outside of our mission and we can’t allocate resources to a project that another organization might be better equipped to handle.

The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy promotes private conservation, a voluntary, non-confrontational approach to conserving natural resources. We work within the private sector using free market tools to preserve karst land. We must be seen as a neutral entity in order to work effectively with landowners, developers, and government bodies. Therefore, political action is outside the focus of our mission.


The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy publishes reports discreetly keeping landowner / business names and karst feature locations confidential to reduce the risk of liability and to protect the fragile karst environments.


Because karst research requires the scientists to collect data in formidable locations, all members on the Arbuckle Karst Conservancy field team are insured, protecting both the scientists and the landowners from risks associated with liability. The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy will also sign liability waivers for extra precautions to protect the landowners furthermore from any risk associated with liability and indemnity.

The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy field scientists are certified in both First Aid and CPR (as well as some advanced classes) and carry customed packed First Aid kits that are assembled specifically for the Arbuckle mountain environments.

The Arbuckle Karst Conservancy has an article published in the University of Oklahoma's EARTH SCIENTIST magazine on pages 78 and 79 titled, 'Karst features of the Arbuckle and Simpson limestones of south-central Oklahoma' 2009.

                2009 EARTH SCIENTIST Article

The AKC also has work published by the Oklahoma City Geological Society in the July issue of the Shale Shaker pages 28-32. The article is titled "Application of Thermography to Karst Hydrogeology and Natural Gas Exploration and Developement" (K. Blackwood & H. Badra 2010). 

         Shale Shaker Article July/August Issue 2010

AAPG Data Pages: Search and Discovery.com Abstract for poster presented at the Internation AAPG Convention hosted in Houston, TX April, 2011. "Application of Thermography to Karst Hydrogeology and Natural Gas Exploration and Development".

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